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finally contribute my experience with lift and carry. Years ago when I was a college student in Fort Collins, Colorado, you could. buy 3.2 beer if you were under 21. I used to date a girl who played the. womens' varsity field hockey team named Margaret. Margaret was about my. height, around 5'10 but weighed 180 pounds, all solid. I, on the other.

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78 Total. Yeah, there were some great stories over there, my favorite author was try2lc, because he had my favorite kind of stories, where small women lifted and carried much, much bigger men like nothing. I wish there was a way to find out where that guy is and if he's writing anymore, that guy had tons of talent.

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lift & carry stories. I'd love to read a story with two (ore more) muscle guys test their strength by lifting each others as human weights. They could do squats with the others riding on shoulders/back, push-ups with buddy sitting on them, running while carrying piggyback for long distances... is there any story like this? or just with lots of ...

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Lift and carry Stories Sunday, 15 May 2016. Lift and carry novel My girlfriend part 2 After the first time that Anna carry me, we decide to try new ways.

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liftandcarry. strongwoman stronggirl liftingandcarrying liftcarry lift liftncarry cradlecarry shoulderride overheadlift tallgirl. Sticking him against the wall again. jstilton. 15 Comments. 601 Favourites. Catwoman vs Black Cat. Tin0men. 47 Comments.

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I like this view, it really brings out the difference in size, she's much smaller, but easily able to carry his much bigger body, nice!


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These girls can lift decent weight also, even slim girls. Cheerleaders for one work out with weights all the time and lift heavy. They are , what, 5'6" -5'9" tall about 130-140 lbs with muscles and energy. They pick other girls over their heads. They lift their own body weight in the bench press. These girls could overpower many men, in my opinion.

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Strong Little Cousin. 11 year old Ann Hopkins' older cousin Joan was coming over to stay with her and her parents for a few days. Joan was nineteen and a college student but she had a reputation for being a little wild. They knew she was something of a drinker so she was warned not to partake of any alcohol during her visit.